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Anaïs  Lune by Vs Anchor studio bw .jpg
Anaïs Lune the Glamour Supernova of Oulu, Finland.
 Like a Sultry Siren ~beautiful and alluring yet dangerous to any heart.
She's passionate and enchanting, with fire in her veins.
Her exotic charm will seduce you...irresistible!

Anaïs Lune is an exquisite international burlesque artist based in Oulu, Finland, priding herself on providing a professional and well-rounded experience.

With more than ten years of burlesque experience, producers and audiences alike can rest assured that Anaïs will bring entertainment of the highest quality. If you are in need of a burlesque performer that is both a delight to watch and to work with, look no further than Anaïs Lune!

Crowds from Scandinavia to the southernmost Europe have been delighted and dazzled by her performances.

Her abilities were recognized at the World Burlesque Games 2018, International Crown in London, where she was a finalist.

As well as being a presence at UK & European burlesque festivals since 2016.

Anaïs has graced the stages of capital cities as London, Wien and Lisbon..

On the age of virtual shows Anaïs Lune has  thrived online worldwide, having performed in burlesque and cabaret virtual shows produced in the U.K., Europe  and even USA !


Known as the Glamour Supernova, she will live up to her reputation when she takes the stage as a luminous stellar explosion, leaving a sparkle in your eye for months to come. Anaïs Lune, the hot-blooded vixen you won't soon forget.

Anaïs Lune the hot-blooded vixen that pours her soul on stage!

Indulge in her Seduction! 

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