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Anaïs Lune Workshops 

Go-go Glow up!

In this workshop by Anaïs Lune t’s all about YOU! It’s a tailor-made workshop for you and your needs! We can center in what you feel it’s your “weak spot” or what is holding you down or help with self-confidence on stage. Help with facial expressions or stage presence. You name it!


” Bump me to the Moon” - Bump ’n’ Grind workshop

Anaïs Lune is known for her Bump’ n’ Grind, and classic teasing style. In this workshop Anaïs will lead you into the world of Classic Burlesque and one of its most Iconic moves: The Bump’ n’ Grind.

Sultry Seduction

In this workshop by Anaïs Lune we’ll delve into Seduction in all its essence. We’ll go through stage presence, facial expressions, different posing. We’re also going to discover your inner-starlet and make it shine!

Tease those fans (like there’s no tomorrow)!
In this workshop by Anaïs Lune you'll get acquainted with the use of fans in burlesque. How to hold them and use them fluidly during your performance. How to transmit different emotions and make fans an accessory of what you what to communicate to the audience.

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