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Anaïs Lune Workshops 

Go-go Glow Up: Get ready to shine like a true burlesque star! In this personalized workshop by Anaïs Lune, we'll focus on your individual needs and goals. Whether you want to improve your stage presence, work on your facial expressions, or boost your confidence, Anaïs will guide you towards success. This is a workshop designed just for you, so bring your dreams and let's make them happen!

Bump Me to the Moon - Bump 'n' Grind Workshop: Are you ready to add some sizzle to your burlesque routine? Join Anaïs Lune for a journey into the classic world of bump 'n' grind! You'll learn the iconic moves that have thrilled audiences for decades, and discover new ways to tease and tantalize with your body. Anaïs is a master of the art, and she'll show you how to bring your own style and personality to this timeless burlesque form.

Sultry Seduction: Unlock the power of seduction with Anaïs Lune! In this workshop, we'll explore every aspect of seductive burlesque, from stage presence to posing to facial expressions. Anaïs will help you find your inner starlet and bring it to life with her expert guidance. You'll learn how to command the stage with confidence and allure, and leave your audience begging for more.


Tease Those Fans: Fans are a burlesque icon, and Anaïs Lune knows how to use them to maximum effect. In this workshop, you'll learn the art of fan dancing, from how to hold them to how to move them gracefully and sensually. Anaïs will show you how to use fans to enhance your performance and express different emotions, so you can create a truly unforgettable burlesque act. Get ready to tease those fans like a pro!

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